Portable Diode Laserbox D1 for Laser Engraving & Laser Cutting

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What can you do with xTool Laserbox D1?

Flat Engraving

Flat Cutting

Rotary engraving

(Need to purchase additional rotary attachment)

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Better Mechanical Design Increases Accuracy

With professional motion structure design, we adopt industrialized steel for both axle and wheel, making it up to 160mm/s motion speed more accurately.

Higher Repeat Positioning Accuracy

Higher Motion Stability

Longer Product Lifetime

Better Laser Enhances Cutting & Engraving Effect

The ultra-fine laser focus area

Combine with advanced 0.08mm laser spot technology, we guarantee 0.01mm ultra-high precision, enabling marvelous designs in every detail.

Better Electronics Facilitate User Experience

Integrated with a high-performance TMC2209, motion-sensing chip, and 32 bit dual-core MCU, we facilitate your daily use in a more reliable manner.

Better Software at Your Service

xTool Software: Supports multiple devices and multiple formats

Equipped with specialized software, Laserbox D1 allows you to work seamlessly on Windows / macOS / Android / iOS devices.

The new xTool Laserbox App allows you to control your laser with just your phone. No matter when or where you are, you can use smartphones to control laserbox without having an internet/laptop.

Better Design details

Easy focus adjustment

Newly designed laser module adjustment function. The laser module can be adjusted up and down to fit various thicknesses of materials through slots and screws. The original focus lever enables easy autofocusing.


Modular Construction

Assemble the machine in about 10 minutes. Easy to assemble and easy to disassemble. The device weighs less than 6 kg and is portable and easy to carry.

Package Included

1 x 12V 7A Power Adapter
1 x USB Cable
2 x Connection Cable
1 x Goggles
1 x Leather Label (gift)
1 x Basswood Board (gift)
1 x Aluminium Sheet (gift)
1 x Stainless Steel Pet Tag (gift)
1 x TF Card
10 x Rolled Belts
3 x Hexagonal Spanner
1 x Instruction Card
16 x Screw M4*8
4 x Screw M4*15
3 x Screw M4*25

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