Kraft Paper Bag  (20pcs)
Kraft Paper Bag  (20pcs)
Kraft Paper Bag  (20pcs)

Kraft Paper Bag (20pcs)

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For thicker cardboard, lasers are recommended for cutting, though there may be a little blackening on the edges. Compared with knife modules, lasers can cut the cardboard with higher accuracy and sharpness.

Made of high quality materials. Durable and DIY-friendly paper shopping bag.

Pine wood is a natural raw material. Irregular shapes, stuttering, and deviations in color are normal. You can laser engrave your favorite pattern to make a personalized coaster.

Laser engraving

Laser engraving

Device parametersSpeedPowerProcessing time
D1 10W100mm/s85%1
D1 5W100mm/s60%1
Device parametersPowerSpeedProcessing time
D1 10W50%100mm/s1
D1 5W80%130mm/s1