3mm Basswood (56pcs)
3mm Basswood (56pcs)

3mm Basswood (56pcs)


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Basswood is yellowish white, slightly lighter and softer in texture, straight in texture, slightly finer in structure, smooth in luster and soft.

It's a high strength laminated sheet material. Commonly used wood material for laser cutting and engraving,known as laser plywood in the industry.

Note: This product is plywood veneered with basswood. The texture and color of natural veneer decorative boards may vary due to different batches of raw materials. The cutting and engraving effects of the product on the picture are for reference only.

Customer Reviews

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good product and service

received product on time and product quality is amazing, recommend to purchase from here .

Vincent Davis
3mm Basswood

The material is good and works well, the problem is how long it takes to receive once ordered. I recently placed order #1342 on July 20, 2021 and have not received it yet. This is not a good thing since I have people waiting for items and I can't make their items without this material.

Dear, we feel sorry for the delay of delivery. You have purchased goods in our store several times, and we really appreciate your preference and trust. If you have any problems, please turn to us without hesitation. We will keep improving our service and product.

Dale Dietsch
Excellent Quality but could be better priced for customers

The wood is excellent quality and they sell you on the little bullseye, but if you simply learn how to measure and pay attention to the grade of wood you are buying, learn how to calculate square inches vs price you have buy B/BB Basswood Double Sanded other places for less money. If you etch and cut alot it adds up. I just bought another 40 pieces of 12 x 12 on Etsy. Finding 12 x 19 is really hand and pricey, keep in mind your Makeblock can handle 12 x 19 so don't feel you have to settle for a paper sized piece of board. Yes, they are quality, but money is money.

Dear, thank you for your recognition of the quality of our products. The price of our products is reasonable, considering the purchasing cost, transportation, tariff and other factors. We always try our best to provide our customers with better and more affordable products.


3mm Basswood (56pcs)

Stassa Johnson
Best purchase ever!

This wood is already prep and ready for all of my creations. I hardly ever have any warping or spotty pieces. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

Dear, we feel happy that our materials could meet your needs. Would you please show us your creations?