Silver Bone Dog Tag (10pcs)
Silver Bone Dog Tag (10pcs)
Silver Bone Dog Tag (10pcs)
Silver Bone Dog Tag (10pcs)

Silver Bone Dog Tag (10pcs)

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Metal materials absorb the energy emitted by a blue-light laser more easily. Laser beam generated by a CO2 laser may be reflected when it falls on the metal surface, resulting in a loss of energy. When it comes to engraving results, the lines engraved by a blue-light laser on metal are slightly deeper and darker than those engraved by a CO2 laser. xTool D1 is recommended.

Take stainless steel engraving as an example: for blue-light lasers, the laser head needs to be at least 5W with spot compression and the focus must be precisely aligned with the surface of the stainless steel. For picture engraving, slightly slow down the speed to ensure that the laser output time is sufficient to pierce the metal surface, thereby leaving marks on the surface.

Pine wood is a natural raw material. Irregular shapes, stuttering, and deviations in color are normal. You can laser engrave your favorite pattern to make a personalized coaster.

Laser engraving

Laser engraving

Device parametersPowerSpeedProcessing time
D1 10W100%3mm/s1
D1 5W100%3mm/s1
Device parametersSpeedPowerProcessing time
D1 10W100mm/s85%1
D1 5W100mm/s60%1